2020 VBS Intermediate Student

VBS course study ages 12-17 This year's VBS theme, "20/20 Vision: Seeing Clearly Through Christ," examines the topic of Christians being guided by God's Word. In this five-day expedition, VBS adventurers will embark on an amazing journey through the Bible to seek and discover God's promises for them. God's Word is the foundation and guide to navigate their paths by preparing VBS adventurers for Seeing Clearly Through Christ. These VBS adventurers will set out on a mapped journey that will influence their faith, and their heart-pounding escapade will position them for an uplifting personal quest to see God's vision. Along the path, VBS adventurers will learn how God guided heroes of the Bible, and that God is always with them, too.
  • Author: R. H. Boyd Publishing Corporation
  • ISBN: 978-1-68167-567-1
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