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The vision that God will send will be so clear that either someone running by could read it clearly or be able to live the “abundant life” in light of the divine promises contained in the vision. Habakkuk, as the messenger commissioned by God, is to record the vision in order to carry and disperse it to the people. The vision is summed up in verse 4, “the just shall live by his faith” (KJV). God reveals to the prophet that faith and trust in His rule and plan will enable them to live the abundant life. This is divine assurance that although we may not fully comprehend God's message, trust in Him and His ways will always result in our eternal benefit.

Our 5 Tenets:

  • Education
  • Mentorship/ wise counsel
  • Stewardship
  • Financial Literacy (assets/ liabilities, acquisition of wealth, building businesses, investing)
  • Community service

This VBS theme has five points of emphasis that lead to daily lesson topics and study sessions.  

Day 1

Topic: Learn to Trust God

Scriptures: Habakkuk 2:2–4; Matthew 11:28–30; 2 Timothy 2:15

Background Scripture: Romans 1:1–17

Key Verse: Habakkuk 2:2–4

Key Words: Write, Faith, Just, Live, Study, Learn

Emphasis: By faith we experience and witness God’s vision for us to learn and trust in His rule and plan (Habakkuk 2:4).  Learning is an essential component of the Christian faith. God wants us to learn His word so that we might share our faith with others. The fact that the Bible is a book implies the need for it to be studied and for its principles to be incorporated into our daily living. Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15, KJV). Studying the Word of God builds our faith, which enables us to see God’s purpose in Jesus more clearly. We are challenged to learn to trust God and to have faith in His sovereign will for our lives, even if we cannot initially perceive or understand it.



Day 2

Topic: See the Light!

Scripture: Acts 9:1–22

Background Scriptures: Habakkuk 2:2–4; Acts 7:58–8:4

Key Verses: Acts 9:10, 15, 27

Key Words: Vision, Light, Gentiles, Ananias, Barnabas

EmphasisBefore Saul (later called Paul) became an apostle, he persecuted Christians and charged them with blasphemy. One of our many responsibilities as Christians is to follow Ananias’ example of mentoring others so they can take their rightful place in the Christian ministry. It is not an accident that Barnabas continued to mentor Paul and helped him to develop his great ministry to the Gentiles (Acts 9:26–31). Paul, in turn, mentored the young Timothy and Titus, who continued to help others see more clearly through their faith in Jesus. 


Day 3

Topic: Practice Stewardship

Scriptures: Psalm 24:1–2; James 1:17

Background Scripture: Habakkuk 2:2–4

Key Verse: James 1:17

Key Words: Stewardship, Manage, Sharing, Liberate

EmphasisThe Christian faith operates from the perspective that God is the owner of everything. It is His plan of creation and salvation that provides to us abundant life. Psalm 24:1 reminds us that "the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein" (KJV). The Gospel simultaneously loosens our grip on this world by giving us eyes to see the world to come, the realization of the plan Habakkuk envisioned as coming to pass. The result is a Gospel stewardship that reflects grace and gratitude, the image of a loving God who desires to save those who trust in Him and His plan for human salvation. As Christians living in contemporary times we must display the image of God proudly and share with others what it means to have a relationship with Him.

Day 4

Topic: Faith and Finances

Scripture: Matthew 25:14–28

Background Scripture: Habakkuk 2:2–4

Key Verse: Matthew 25:28

Key Words: Talents, Resources, Money, Integrity

EmphasisOur faith must never be blind, nor should it ever lead us to develop a “pie in the sky” mentally. Our faith calls us to act responsibly. Following Jesus requires the wise use of finances and other resources, so we honor God in the process. That is to say, Jesus promoted financial literacy as a part of our faith walk. We must pay our bills, taxes, and exercise integrity in meeting all of our financial obligations, but we are also encouraged to save, invest, and build affluence and wealth. These things are strongly encouraged by the Scriptures as long as one does not allow them to become idols of worship and take the place God should have in one’s life. The leaders of Habakkuk’s day were so obsessed with greed that they abused their own people and welcomed by default God’s judgment upon Judah. Which is to say, we must always develop and use our finances under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Day 5

Topic: Heed the Call for Help

Scripture: Acts 16:9–10

Background Scriptures: Habakkuk 2:2–4, Luke 10:1–9; Matthew 25:31–46

Key Verse: Acts 16:9

Key Words: Help, Serve, Service

EmphasisGod has given to us His plan of salvation for a purpose, to save ourselves and to save others. Both Jesus and Paul became examples of how we carry out our faith. We see clearly when our commitment to Jesus reveals itself by serving others and becomes a part of our worship and practice.


Note: All of the scriptures mentioned above are from the King James Version (KJV) Bible. 


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