50 Women Every Christian Should Know

Throughout history, countless women have boldly stepped out in faith and courage, leaving their indelible mark on those around them and on the Kingdom of God. In lively prose, Michelle DeRusha tells their stories, bringing into focus fifty incredible heroines of the faith. From Catherine of Siena, Teresa of çvila, and Anne Hutchinson to Susanna Wesley, Harriet Tubman, and Corrie ten Boom, these admirable women live again under DeRushas expert pen. These engaging narratives are a potent reminder to us that we are not alone, the battles we face todayare not new, and God is always with us in the midst of the struggle. In the face of some of the same questions, temptations, and doubts we encounter today, these women were pioneers. Their stories give the church of today--men and women alike courageous and brave example of living faith and of living out faith, the evidence of things unseen. Deidra Riggs, managing editor of The High Calling and founder of Jumping Tandem
  • Author: Michelle DeRusha
  • ISBN: 9780801015878
  • Learning from Heroines of the Faith
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